We have so many choices for those with diabetes.  Our owner's husband himself has diabetes and finds plenty for him to eat (and he's a big guy). 

At breakfast we have multi grain waffles and sugar free maple syrup, we have tons of egg dishes, we have low glycemic fruit combinations.  You'll find a ton of dinner options and we usually have at least one sugar free dessert option ready all the time.

Don't be shy... you can EAT WELL and effectively treat your diabetes.  

We are here for you... just explain your food needs!

Gluten Free              

The challenges of avoiding wheat have never been more easy.  As the population and food service professionals have begun to understand the incredible benefits of removing wheat from our diets, we believe this will become more and more readily available. 

We try to avoid processed food options, here at Chill.  Instead you will find spaghetti squash instead of cardboard noodles, quinoa and rich multi grain rice, we serve AND have easily labeled on our menu so many options for you.  

Ask for help.  We understand and we WILL support you as you find you can enjoy amazing cuisine without wheat!  


Whether you're a vegetarian or a vegan, or if you are following an alkaline diet protocol - you will find so many options at Chill for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   

We understand your food needs, we create & re-create dishes to order to your specific needs and we certainly have a TON of items to choose from.  

The owner herself chooses all the produce, many from local farms whenever possible.  We change our menu often, to adjust for seasonal fluctuation in availability and region.  

Please communicate with us about your special requests.  WE LOVE THEM...   (honest)

357 Corey Ave  St Pete Beach  

727 360 2445   

Sun thru Thursday 8 am til 10 pm

​Fri & Saturday 8 am til midnight

Private Party Room.  Large Parties Welcome.  Catering on & offsite.  

Reservations Accepted.   Contact  ruthie@chillstpetebeach.com

Weight Loss

Hi... my name is Ruthie & I own this place.  I used to weigh over 260 pounds.  I can absolutely assure you that you will find more food choices here than anywhere I can imagine.  Low carb, we got it, Low cal, we got it, Ideal Protein, we got it, no sugar, we got it. 

Before I opened Steam & Chill in January 2011 I was a health and weight loss coach, working with men & women throughout the Tampa Bay region to lose thousands of pounds.  This is my passion.

Our chefs just need to know what your diet calls for and I am sure we can prepare you an amazing meal.  

Never be shy to order off the menu... We'll do almost anything to help & support you.