357 Corey Ave  St Pete Beach  

727 360 2445   

Mon & Tues  11 am - 10 pm  Wed, Thurs & Sunday   8 am - 10 pm,  

Fri & Sat 8 am til 12 am

Private Party Room.  Large Parties Welcome.  Catering on & offsite.  

Reservations Accepted.

WELCOME to  Chill.  Please know that you are part of our Americana dream that is coming true, right here - right now.   It’s all because of you that we are here & thriving.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

This business started back in January 2011 down the street as a little coffee shop called “Steam.”  With a used Craigslist espresso machine, a  couple of butane camp stove burners, auction furnishings, Kahwa coffee and crazy popular muffins this new life began.   Within weeks Steam started serving full breakfast and within a few months Chill opened for dinner in the adjoining space.   

Somewhat accidental restauranteurs, our family was often in awe of the business growth.  The magic  ingredient of Grace AND at least a million hours of blood, sweat & tears had catapulted us into one of the toughest businesses ever.   A small business.   A restaurant.  (yikes)

Looking back over the past 7+ years, this has been one helluva journey!  Voted 2012 Business of the Year, Chill has had our share of mountain tops & heartbreaks.  Isn’t that the  American Dream?  To overcome  obstacles, persevere, and recommit each day to becoming our best.   Ruthie says that for her, the experience of Chill has been a passionate love affair with food, flavors, hospitality, customers, friends & an ever growing spirit of learning and growing.   We truly have the sincerest desire to serve you the very best food we are capable of purchasing and preparing. 

The past several years have been filled with enormous challenges.  Moving the restaurant, battling complicated cancer, a wedding, new baby, a grueling and painful divorce… life can be difficult indeed.  But throughout these darker seasons, we have ridden out the storms and try to embraced the lessons they have brought.  The team at Chill has shown tremendous pride, ownership and deep dedication.  It’s been a time of  profound gratitude for the love and support of our Corey Avenue business neighbors, employees,  regular guests who truly sustain us as well as our friends and family.  And, as the story of Chill continues to evolve, there is a renewed spirit; a feeling of Spring again, with fresh perspective, sweet new love, tremendous new culinary leadership with the onboarding of renowned Chef Gary Moran.   Chef Gary has led Datz, the Mermaid Tavern,  been Chef de cuisine at Tavern on the Green and numerous other name-dropping-worthy endeavors.  We are indeed grateful for him.  Steve Magann has partnered with Ruthie (in every way :)   and he brings 38 years of local, regional and district corporate restaurant experience.  Thank goodness for this new leadership because 2018 has brought phenomenal business growth, in fact our best year ever. 

One thing that our owner Ruthie says is what she loves best about Chill is that she always knows friends are coming over for dinner...she just doesn’t know which ones.   Our philosophy has been this:  if you were planning a big party at home for very special guests, you would clean up all day!  You would shop carefully for each ingredient & find the freshest produce possible.  You would greet your friends warmly with enthusiasm.  You would cook each item carefully.  You would be grateful to cater to their every need.  Then you would give each one a warm hug goodbye.  And, if you are blessed, they will come again.  We strive to live this each day, each meal, one day at a time.  Thank you for being a part of making our dreams come true.