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Guests Who Used Credit Card July 7, 8, & 9, 2017

Our credit card processor, Chase PaymentTech updated their "chip" software and our machine.   During the software update process, Chase was forced to do a "manual" batch of our credit card customers the weekend of July 7, 2017.   The manual batch included all CC transactions Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  

The sad and outright disgusting fact is that they made errors on nearly EVERY single transaction.   Despite being provided a complete and totally accurate spreadsheet by our General Manager, which they did NOT use.. they created an avalanche of problems beyond my personal or professional experience or even comprehension as an owner, or as a consumer.

As of Friday morning, JULY 21st this is STILL not resolved.   We have been told that 64 customers were OVERcharged and more than 120 guests were UNDERcharged.  We have attempted to communicate with Chase service representatives, managers and 'escalated' managers attempting to correct this problem multiple times each day.  Yesterday I was told the NECESSARY refunds and NEW charges that will appear for guests from the undercharge is in their "legal department" for review.  The Chase rep told me that will be completed today (Friday).   I must say that I have heard that answer each day ALL WEEK LONG.   I remain hopeful, yet have become a pessimist.

An apology is NOT nearly enough to express to you who have been and who will be affected.  If we had ANY alternative method to solve this faster or in ANY less painful way we absolutely would.   We, also, did not receive our credit card deposits, which fund our operations account and are quite literally the lifeblood of Chill, and most, small family businesses.  

We are absolutely LEAVING Chase as soon as possible.   I personally was an employee of Chase (or previous names it has been) for many years, have our mortgage, auto loans, personal and business accounts with this company and I have VOWED to move each and every single one...  If we, collectively, cannot trust our bank with the sacred responsibility of credit card accuracy AND WORSE yet... HORRIFIC customer problem solving systems and support..  then I will move my own accounts elsewhere. 

In the interim, we have once again set up our credit card funding with Wells Fargo - who is not doing ANY changes anytime in the foreseeable future.   We have had the merchant account with Wells for 7 years now... it was our "Steam" account.   You may notice that on your receipt at the top it will say "Steam" and on your account it will show "Steam" as well.   I apologize for any confusion, but I would rather trust your credit card business with Wells Fargo, at this time while we shop for alternative banks and merchant service accounts.

I have been UNABLE to get any assistance from Chase in providing you, our customers, with a letter or explanation or, anything.  Apparently that needs to go through their "Legal" review as well.  They have assured me it is forthcoming and if and when it ever appears I will post a link to that.  In the interim, our merchant CASE # is 15508044 and the person who was assigned to us to coordinate the refunds and new charges is "Patrick."  His direct line is 800-934-7717.    One of his coworkers told me yesterday that Wed and Thurs are his days off and that upon his return from his "weekend" we should get some more movement on a solution.   My disgust at this latest explanation is beyond my ability to accurately convey.

Once again, I am DEEPLY sorry...   I rarely have had situations in this business that I truly have NO ability to fix.  I will UPDATE this page just as soon as I possibly can.    My personal email is ruthiebuxbaum@gmail.com

When you have questions about what (eventually) happens to correct this error we will need the following information.... which DAY you were at Chill, what time approximately, who your server was (if you can remember...)   We have all of our original CC slips, yet we have NO idea what Chase charged or when, so we will need to partner with you as this process continues.  Please either email me or call 727 360 2445 and either myself or George will get back to you quickly.

In the meantime... geesh what am I supposed to say?  "your patience is appreciated..."  ugh.   In the meantime, know that I am so sorry and am doing everything I possibly can (as is George) to get this solved and corrected. 

Much love and deepest apologies,